Is your company growing? Are you recruiting from out of the Kansas City metro area? Do you want to excite potential candidates about all the prospects your company and our city have to offer? 

Identifying your ideal candidate is not only challenging, it can also be costly and time-consuming. Even with the best recruitment resources, internal or external, it is left up to you - the company - to land them. Let's work together to showcase your company in our booming, beloved city. Together we can showcase your company and provide a one-of-a-kind, first-class experience that secures your candidate's commitment to your company and Kansas City.


We will work with the candidate and/or their spouse to make them feel welcomed and to ease the anxiety of a relocation. As a third party, our team can broach subjects recruiters and employers steer clear of, including schools, neighborhood recommendations, and family and personal needs (childcare, medical care, personal care, etc.)


A smooth and successful transition to Kansas City is vital to associate recruitment which leads to company stability and growth. Investing further into the recruitment process helps meet retention goals.

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When the candidate arrives in Kansas City, the show starts and Relocation Concierge we can help. In short, we are a third party Kansas City hostess, serving as a welcome wagon for your candidate. We are fun, approachable, and here to sell your company and Kansas City.


All services are tailored to your needs as an organization and to the specific candidate. Here is what has been successful for other local organizations:​

Step ONE

  • An initial briefing with our team and your company's recruiter regarding the job description, the candidate, timeline and logistics.


Step TWO

  • Our concierge connects with your candidate for an introductory phone call to confirm logistics

  • We make arrangements with the candidate for pickups to/from the airport, candidate’s hotel, and your office

  • We take your candidate on a tour of  Kansas City, which includes points of interest and neighborhoods, tailored to the candidate’s needs and lifestyle. All meals and refreshments provided 

  • Our team follows up with both recruiter and candidate

What is a Corporate Concierge?
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