You recruit the position.
We recruit the person. 
personalized concierge services
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Identifying your ideal candidate is not only challenging, it can be costly and time-consuming. Even with the best recruitment resources, internal or external, it is left up to you - the company - to land them. Let's work together to showcase your company in our booming, beloved city. Together we can showcase your company and provide a one of a kind, first-class experience that secures your candidate's commitment to your company and Kansas City.

our approach
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We partner with growing and established companies with the same goal every time – recruit the person, not just the position by investing in the whole person with a personalized and informative tour of Kansas City and the surrounding areas. 

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As transplants ourselves, we understand the emotional considerations that go into making a move to a new city. No matter how enticing the job, we are dedicated to helping the candidate envision life in KC. Meet our team.

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Our Mission

At Speech Language Technologies our mission is to provide speech, language, and AAC therapy to individuals with complex communication needs.

We are committed to giving a voice to the voiceless and debunking the myths of AAC through education and training.

Our Services

Andrea works with adults and children of all ages experiencing communication, cognitive, and swallowing challenges.

We specialize in the area of augmentative alternative communication, specifically using eye gaze as the access method. 

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Our Approach

In our in-home therapy practice, we never use the one-size-fits-all model. Every session is tailored to the individual client. We spend quality time making sure our clients and their families are comfortable and have the answers and information they need. 

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Meet Andrea

Andrea's passion for speaking up for the voiceless was the reason for starting Speech-Language Technologies. A client early in her career with complex language needs allowed her to understand and celebrate the strengths of her clients while breaking down their barriers to communicating. 

As an empathetic and patient therapist, Andrea teaches and supports clients in accessing and successfully using augmentative alternative communication (AAC) devices. She also works with clients with swallowing, speech, and language disorders.