Investing in the whole person.
You recruit the position. We will recruit the person.


Identifying your ideal candidate is not only challenging, it can be costly and time-consuming. Even with the best recruitment resources, internal or external, it is left up to you - the company - to land them. Let's work together to showcase your company in our booming, beloved city. Together we can showcase your company and provide a one of a kind, first-class experience that secures your candidate's commitment to your company and Kansas City.

our approach

We partner with growing and established companies with the same goal every time – help secure the best candidates.


Landed shows candidates a Kansas City that includes them. While companies work to recruit the creative director, software engineer, or pediatric nurse, Landed will recruit the avid golfer, foodie, and dog lover. 

Our talented and experienced team will walk alongside your company to enhance the recruitment process so you can successfully land and retain top talent.

inspired by

As experienced executives and transplants to Kansas City ourselves, we understand the magnitude of relocation and what it takes to feel inspired by and committed to your company and a new city. At Landed we go beyond your standard recruiting practices to inspire meaningful relationships between people and the places they live, work, and visit.

KELLY WELLS, a trusted resource in corporate experience and all things Kansas City.

HANNAH BOECK, a marketing professional who personally understands the magnitude of relocation.

A smooth and successful transition to KC is vital to associate recruitment...leading to company stability and growth.
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